Sunday, June 15, 2008

More hoboes is what the world needs!

Knocked this out with some spare time on my hands, i love these guys and i think drawing their mouths is the funnest things ever! So many curves, must have more..

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cartoon Backgrounds

Hello everyBAADy,

Here are some backgrounds i did last year for a 2D animated PSA. Hope ya'al like it.This is actually for the last scene, its a mad run towards the horizon.This one's for the door opening scene, the husband arrives home and announces the classic.. HONEY.. I'm HOME!
This is the 'puppy rush the daddy' shot. Imagine the wife over an ironing board on the right. Look at the cute puppy in the frame.. oh dear! I had a great time making these and they are the first cartoon backgrounds i've ever attempted, i think i've learned a fair bit since then.. now all i need is a project to hone them..